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(I met a problem as described below, please help me!)

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我的环境是Apache2.4+PHP7.0.1,我按顺序执行完了Github上的Installation,期间有个提示Segmentation fault: 11,完了之后我打开首页就显示上面的内容。

(My development environment is Apache2.4 + PHP 7.0.1, after I ran those commands in Github's Installation section, I met that problem, when I running those commands, I also met a Segmentation fault: 11 notice.)

然后我按照Github上的指引,执行了php artisan vendor:publish

(Then I follow the guide on Github, run the php artisan vendor:publish command )

但是仍旧出现Segmentation fault: 11这样的提示

(Still the Segmentation fault: 11 notice appears.)

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  • Hifone 2016-09-21 19:51:25

    修改 .env APP_DEBUG=true


  • clwm01 2016-09-21 20:11:09

    @Hifone 部署过程中有提示CreateRevisionsTable冲突,意思是database/migrations下面有一个该名字的类和vendor目录下的一个vendor类重名了,然后composer使用了前者,composer执行完毕后,执行hifone:install又提示CreateRevisionsTable冲突,这次是错误,有没有可能是这种问题引起的项目不完整导致的问题?

  • clwm01 2016-09-21 20:24:34

    @Hifone Hifone/vendor/venturecraft/revisionable/src/migrations/2013_04_09_062329_create_revisions_table.phpHifone/database/migrations/2013_04_09_062329_create_revisions_table.php这俩文件一模一样,这俩老冲突,到底应该用哪个?

    PHP Fatal error:  Cannot declare class CreateThreadsTable, because the name is already in use in /Users/rex/Documents/WorkSpace/GitHub/Hifone/database/migrations/2016_05_29_013243_create_threads_table.php on line 66
      Cannot declare class CreateThreadsTable, because the name is already in use  
  • clwm01 2016-09-21 20:25:38

    @Hifone 论坛又出现了一个问题,看上面那条回复,内容过长,但是没有横向滚动条,所以内容被遮挡了

  • clwm01 2016-09-21 20:44:26

    @Hifone 大哥,CreateThreadsTable类声明有三处,database/migrations/.._create_threads_table.phpvendor/../..create_threads_table.phpdatabase/migrations/..2016_05_29_.._create_threads_table.php,这还怎么执行migrate呢?明显冲突了

  • clwm01 2016-09-21 21:36:01


  • clwm01 2016-09-21 22:26:41 2


    1. 处理掉冲突的类名:删掉旧的,保留新的
    2. 设置合适的字段长度:需要修改migrations
    3. 设置.env为可写状态:安装论坛最后一步需要.env可写
    4. 重新执行php artisan hifone:install
    5. 重新运行安装

    真是费了我好久时间啊,@Hifone 希望官方能够多多加油

  • zhqfdn 2017-01-18 01:25:52


    处理掉冲突的类名:删掉旧的,保留新的 设置合适的字段长度:需要修改migrations


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